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Street art in Barcelona: a pioneering project

On October 26 we enjoyed the presentation of the resulting projects from young people participating in the Street Art Workshop co-organized by the research project CHIEF Ourlivesourculture, the Youth Centre Garcilaso, B-Murals and the University Pompeu Fabra.

By showing a series of photographs from the five workshops, explaining the dynamics of the different days and letting young people themselves present some examples of their work, the artists RiceVisuals and Mario Mankey gave the attendees an insight into the project and explained the intentionality of the different workshops.

In the presence of the artists, the team of B-Murals, representatives of the UPF and the coordinator of the Garcilaso Youth Centre, attendees could appreciate the experiences and impressions that both young people and artists have gathered in the different workshops. Through the meetings the participants could get familiar with the procedures of preparation, thinking and realization within the creative processes in intervention projects of the Street Art world.

During this project, young people were also able to understand first-hand the intrinsic values ​​within the culture of urban art: the idea of ​​collective and public art, of rethinking the common space as a centre for debate, even the importance of discussing new approaches for disused spaces.

A pioneering project that, without a doubt, left no one indifferent!

You can come and see the result of Mario Mankey’s mural on the walls of the Bostik Ship!

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